About TotoPhoto

Although reminiscent of a certain over-the-rainbow tail-wagger, the name TotoPhoto actually combines the name of the photographer – Totolici (Toto for short), and the occupation – Applied Quantum Physics Engineer (no, not really, it’s Photography).

The one thing you need to know about TotoPhoto is that we love dogs. It is not only in our name, it is in our DNA. We love them with that fire-cracker love that says “OMG this dog is so cute I am going to kidnap it and fly to Cuba!”; and we love them with that grateful, soul searching, brotherly love that says “If it weren’t for dogs like this, mankind would still be banging rocks together to make fire.” But overall, the thing to remember is that we just really, really love dogs. And some cats. OK, maybe other animals too, but we definitely draw the line at the Black-Necked Spitting Cobra, even if it goes by the name of Puffycuddles Junior… Well… OK, fine, Puffy can stay.

At TotoPhoto we take pride in our work, and we let the dogs keep their pride too, even if their personality is that of a clown. We capture doggie antics, but not at the price of doggie dignity. The source of inspiration for starting our photography studio was our own dog, Miss Stinky Poops Onassis, who very elegantly used to walk in front of the lights at fashion photoshoots, and cross her legs in front of the camera.

The studio builds on professional (human) fashion expertise to excel in commercial assignments as well as personal portraits. Through relationships with major Pet Modeling Agencies, TotoPhoto can provide a wide variety of models; and can help those inclined to try their paw at Pet Modeling start a career.

Located in New York, TotoPhoto has studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn; and is meeting clients and models all around the North America.

About Joanna

Joanna is a human, but she’d be a Bearded Collie if she could.

She grew up in a small, non-descript town in PA. She kept herself sane by walking down the road of creativity at an early age, with a couple of side-trips to a B. A. in International Politics and later an M. A. in Communications. She evolved into an accomplished fashion photographer, shooting for American Eagle, Yeohlee, Thom Browne and published in magazines like Surface, Nylon, Bust, Bazaar and Lucky to name a few. She is currently living in New York City.
For her human fashion work visit Totolici.com .

While she still very much enjoys the art of “creating” a look or an image through fashion, she has been captivated by another subject – Doggies!

Always completely crazy for dogs, it suddenly made sense to photograph them, the perfect models that they are. Joanna enjoys photographing all dogs, including the little rascals that run around like maniacs, as she can relate. Using her eye for fashion, in the studio or on location, she takes tasteful, modern and clean images.

She has been honored to donate her time and services to the Humane Society, Bideawee and Rational Animal of New York.

Joanna is a Getty photographer.

About Adrian

Adrian’s main contribution was to come up with the studio name. OK, maybe a bit more.

A geek by nature, profession and sheer bad luck, he was recruited to harass technology and bend it to Joanna’s will, usually by means of hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. Although he still enjoys being a digital capture technician, first assistant, stunt model and universal geek in the world of fashion; a software update has turned him into Studio Manager and Dog Wrangler Extraordinaire. He started by throwing cookies from a safe distance, and slowly evolved into the dog entertainer he is today.

On occasion, and mostly outdoors, he will grab a camera for some high speed action frames.

If he was a dog he’d be a terrier, since he tends to relentlessly poke and probe at every small problem until a) it is solved; b) it becomes a much bigger problem or c) it explodes.

About Miss Stinky Poops Onassis [1999? – 2010]

The supermodel was discovered at a dog shelter in Athens, Greece: skinny yet hopeful dog, down on her luck she was sticking her paw and nose through the bent cage bars, craving human contact. It was too much for Joanna and Adrian, although they wished (and tried) to adopt them all, they eventually walked away with the shaggy, griffon poodle. Since she did not seem to respond to her nom de guerre – “Daisy”; she was baptized and assumed the new persona of Miss Stinky Poops Onassis. A star was born…

Like many other models before her, Stinky came to New York. Unlike many other models, she hated it. There was a leash regulation, people did not carry shish-kebabs around, and the weather needed some serious improvement. However, her elegance; her trademark long skinny legs crossed ever so lady-like; her gentle demeanor and natural up-do have turned her into a overnight sensation. Soon she became irreplaceable on the set for nation-wide photoshoots. Like many fellow supermodels, Miss Stinky Poops Onassis did not have friends amongst her peers; but she had enemies that she thought fondly of: Admiral Pista Dragonbreath; Sir Odie Picklebottom; Not-Quite-Reverend Sybil; and Moujk, Marquis de Farte.

On August 18th 2010, Miss Stinky Poops Onassis, part time supermodel and part time superhero, bid us mere mortals farewell and started her journey across Styx and into the endless adventure. Wherever she goes, may there be cookies.

About Count Boris A. Fancypants

When he is Mr. Fancypants, he is a velcro doggie, stuck to mommy and giving everyone kisses. When he is Count Boris, he is one furball with a bad boy attitude and a Rod Stewart haircut. The problem is how to tell them apart: Boris is a werewolf trapped in the body of a cute havanese puppy.

The newest member of our family, this juvenile delinquent was spotted at the Bideawee shelter, and rescued by Joanna (whom he kissed) and Adrian (whom he promptly bit). That’s when he got his unprintable middle name, “A”.

Clan leadership established, Count Boris went to evening school for good manners, but his “je ne sais quoi, le bad boy” immediately landed him a modeling job for Ethical Pet. He would have preferred to model a pirate jacket with a skull and bones motif, but he settled for the cold hard cash. Needless to say, he blew it all on cookies the very same day.

Today, when he’s not doing his hair, Count Boris A. Fancypants prances around Brooklyn, maintaining his street-cred by terrifying all the great danes he can find. He’s planning on getting a tattoo, and it won’t be butterflies, trust us.